Python Library path not included in (pyenv) Matlab when using a python venv?

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Hi All,
I have a question about Python in Matlab. Everything works fine when i use the base interpreter for Python(3.8) which is installed on my computer. But i also have a venv for a project and i thought i could just use the pyenv('Version', 'exectuionPathOfVenv') method to set the interpreter of my venv (because i have all packages installed on my venv, not on my base interpreter). But when i use pyenv again the variable Library: "" has no path anymore (is empty, before it was .../python38.dll) and i cant use any py.command functions anymore.
The venv was created with PyCharm. Is there some "fix" to this, or am i doing something wrong? i also read that the Library variable is read-only, so i won´t be able to just set it? I know that i could install all packages onto the main interpreter but this is not the ideal solution.
Hope someone can help me out :)

Accepted Answer

Barry on 23 Nov 2020
Ok, just had to add the Python Paths to the System Paths and that solved the "problem"..

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