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Dear reader,
For my research I am creating an image (cross section of an artery). In that image some 'regions' can clearly be seen. I would like to write some code that can (semi) automatically create regions out of the image. Maybe my explanation is not so clear, so I included a visual representation of what I'd like. My question is, can anyone help with finding a strategy how to device this. I've tried some tricks but up until now these are not satisfactory.
The result I have up until now:
What I would like to have:
So it needs to be 'cleaned' up and the missing connections need to be connected once more (as shown in red). I am not really worried about the lines in the center, but if they are also effected by the code that's fine. I have found a function that draws brezier curves (, so the red parts could be manually added if that helps.
Thank you in advance


KALYAN ACHARJYA on 25 Nov 2020
Can you attach the original image also?
Ariwan Abdollah
Ariwan Abdollah on 25 Nov 2020
@mathieu NOE Thank you for the suggestion. I have looked into it. This method seems to show horizontal and vertical lines, if I understand correctly. However, this is not exactly what I think I need, as the lines need to be 'extrapolated' to close the figure. Then what is inside the shape needs to
@Kalyan Acharjya, Yes ofcourse. I included the .fig and the .png

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Manas Meena
Manas Meena on 4 Jan 2021
The following link addresses a similar question of sectioning out arteries. You can refer to the code from this solution.


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