Initializing Simulink Model (Bothering)

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Here is my bothering Problem:
For a simulink model (an HVDC-system, containing Simscape and Simulink blocks) I simulate the model, so that the system comes to an equilibrium, and then I save the final values (Configuration Parameters: Data Import/Export: marking "Final States"). Then I save these final states as a MAT file. Then I can use these saved final values (the saved final states) as the initial states (Configuration Parameters: Data Import/Export: marking "Initial States") ONLY as long as I have not closed MATLAB without any problems. BUT the problem is, after I close matlab and, reopen it again, as I want to initialize the model using the saved final values, I get the error that algebraic loops cannot be solved, because for example the initial currents of two series RL-branches are not equal !!!!!!!!!
What on earth could the problem?! I have saved the final states, but why are they not equal when I initialze the model ??? This is something nonsense to me, because the problem won't show up, as long as I have not closed matlab !!!
This makes me have to initialize the model once, each time when I open the model and practically it takes me the possibility to save the initial values.
I would appreciate any helps and supports, thank you

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