What should i add more to create decent autocorr func.

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t= rand(100) ; %% ‘I have created 100 point random sampled f(t)’
mean(t); %% ‘calculated mean’
var(t); %% ‘calculated variance’
Now how can i create autocorrelation function for f(t)

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Rishabh Mishra
Rishabh Mishra on 24 Dec 2020
To create autocorrelation function using given time series ‘t’, ‘t’ should 1 x n array (or vector). Modify the existing code as given below to create autocorrelation function.
t= rand(1,100) ; %% 1 x 100 array with 100 random values
m = mean(t); %% ‘calculated mean’
v = var(t); %% ‘calculated variance’
In the code above ‘t’ is vector instead of a matrix.
Hope this helps.

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