Display "Minimum Stability Margins" and "Closed loop stable" status programmatically

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Bohdan Syvashchenko
Bohdan Syvashchenko on 20 Dec 2020
Hello there.
I'm using Live Script, and when I'm running my code:
W1 = tf(2, [0.001 0.111 1.11 1]);
bode1 = linearSystemAnalyzer('bode', W1)
I'm getting Linear System Analyzer window and a "screenshot" of it in my Live Script:
I want some additional information to be shown there, i.e. "Minimum Stability Margins". A pop-up window with a "Closed loop stable?" status would also be a good addition.
I know that I can set these things manually with a mouse, but the figure in my Live Script wouldn't be affected by these changes.
So I would like to know whether there are any fields in the linearSystemAnalyzer handler that can be set to show the necessary information (because I have not succeeded in finding them on my own).

Answers (1)

Sarvani Panguluri
Sarvani Panguluri on 4 Jan 2021
As a workaround you can use
which displays minimum stability margins.

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