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How to fade out the edges of random spheres?

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Seba on 4 Jan 2021
Edited: Seba on 4 Jan 2021
I'm using the method described here to generate 3D points that are uniformly distributed on a sphere. I combine several of those together with uniformly distributed scatters to get something like this:
The points are stored in a Nx3 vector. The difference of density in the spheres and outside would be lower later, this is just for better visualisation.
My goal now is to fade out the edges of the spheres a bit, so that there are not so sharp edges but a more smooth transition. How could I achieve this? I was thinking of a gaussian filter but couldn't get the desired result.
As a student I have access to most toolboxes if that's required.

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Dave B
Dave B on 4 Jan 2021
Starting in R2020b you can set the alpha independently when using scatter, so I used scatter for a large sphere.
If 2020b isn't an option, you could potentially use color (again, I'd recommend scatter for this) and choose colors near the edges that are closer to white.
rvals = 2*rand(n,1)-1;
elevation = asin(rvals);
azimuth = 2*pi*rand(n,1);
radii = 3*(rand(n,1).^(1/3));
[x,y,z] = sph2cart(azimuth,elevation,radii);
axis equal
Seba on 4 Jan 2021
thank you! I totally didn't think of that.

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