SimPowerSystem block Asynchronous Machine SI Units

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I am using SimPowerSystem block Asynchronous Machine SI Units. I want to analyze this block.In option "Look under the Mask" there are many subsystems.There are many parameters in those systems like SM.Tb1, SM.Rr, SM.p etc. What is SM here? Where to get details of these parameters?? Thanks

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 9 May 2011
Right-click on the block, select "View Mask..." and browse to the initialization pane. You will see that SM is a variable returned by a call to the utility function "powericon". You could potentially run the same command manually and supply all necessary arguments to get the value of 'SM'.
Lingfei Shaun
Lingfei Shaun on 26 Jun 2015
Kaustubha Govind: Thank you for your help, and i tried with your way, but it still get some error. Actually i am fighting with the model of Synchronous Machine pu Fundamental, and when i run powericon manually, it keeps telling me some variables are undefined, such as "Units", which can be found in "Parameters & Dialog" but cannot get the value, so please tell me how to get the value of those popup variables, thanks a lot !

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Ahsan Naeem
Ahsan Naeem on 10 May 2011
But I cant see these fields. Please help me to find them...

Ahsan Naeem
Ahsan Naeem on 10 May 2011
Actually I want to verify the model with equations given in Bimal K. Bose...

Alexander on 12 Dec 2013
has anyone been able to run powericon successfully from the Matlab command window? after copying values from the PMSM mask initialization and parameter tabs to make sure the arguments are valid (including MechanicalLoad)- this is the error I receive:
Error using SetInternalModels (line 124) Scope block does not have a parameter named 'MechanicalLoad'
Error in PMSynchronousMachineInit (line 11)
Error in powericon (line 99)

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