video camera data processing

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garima sharma
garima sharma on 11 Jan 2021
Commented: garima sharma on 13 Jan 2021
I have a camera recorded video data.
how can i convert video camera data into time-series data?
Thank you!

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KALYAN ACHARJYA on 11 Jan 2021
Edited: KALYAN ACHARJYA on 11 Jan 2021
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garima sharma
garima sharma on 12 Jan 2021
Thank you for reply.
it will convert video into image, but i want to extract pixel vs time information. eg cantlilever beam motion

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 11 Jan 2021
Simplest way might be to use VideoReader:
vidObj = VideoReader('Your-video.mp4');
Frame1 = read(vidObj,1);
idx1toExtract = 12:27:size(Frame1,1);
idx2toExtrace = 17:37:size(Frame1,2);
for frameNR = vidObj.NumFrames:-1:1
vidFrame = read(vidObj, frameNR);
Couple_of_timeseries(:,:,frameNR) = vidFrame(idx1toExtract,idx2toExtract);
% Plot the time-series for one pixel:
You'll have to generate an array for the time of the frames from the FrameRate or CurrentTime information in vidObj. For much of the remaining processing I typically cast the data from uint8 to double as soon as possible.
garima sharma
garima sharma on 13 Jan 2021
Sir, I am using R2016a.

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