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How to put max function in symbolic function

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I want to make a symbolic function where
f(x)=max(0,x)={0 x<0
x x≥0 }
how to do it?
syms x
f = max(0,x)
It gives me an error: Input arguments must be convertible to floating-point numbers.

Answers (1)

Birdman on 13 Jan 2021
Why would you try to name it as max? Simply, piecewise function in Symbolic toolbox would help you:
syms x
ıf you want to plot for specific inputs to test the function
x=-2:0.1:2;%random input
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Mohamed Gaballah
Mohamed Gaballah on 13 Jan 2021
Isn't there an equivilant in Matlab 2016a , as it gives me "Undefined function or variable 'piecewise'."

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