Error When Using Writetable

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NA on 16 Jan 2021
Commented: NA on 16 Jan 2021
I have this cell
Using the below code to make a table:
Table_1 = cell2table(g_final,'VariableNames',{'test1' 'test2' 'test3' ...
'test4' 'test5' 'test6'});
By using 'writetable'
filename = 'final_test.xlsx';
But I got this error:
Error using writetable
Dimensions of arrays being concatenated are not consistent.
I do not know, why I get this error and how to make it works.

Accepted Answer

Ive J
Ive J on 16 Jan 2021
test2 variable is the one causing this error. If you want that empty column in your output XLSX file:
Table_WLS.test2 = repmat({''}, size(Table_WLS, 1), 1); % or any alternatives converting 1X0 -> 0X0
But since it's empty, why not just remove it?
Table_WLS.test2 = [];

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