How to Decide size of Neural Network like number of neurons in a hidden layer & Number of hidden layers?

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sunny B
sunny B on 18 Apr 2013
Commented: Jeong_evolution on 20 Dec 2016
Hi friends, I want to design a neural network which should give one output with five inputs and i have input samples are 432. So please suggest how to design neural network and which type of neural network i should and how to decide number of hidden layers and no of neurons in each hidden layer.

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 19 Apr 2013
Use 1 hidden layer.
Use fitnet for curve-fitting or regression.
Use patternnet for pattern-recognition or classification. For c categories with indices 1:c, the target matrix should contain columns of eye(c). The relationship between target columns and class indices is target = ind2vec(classindices) and classindices = vec2ind(target). Since since the sum of the target columns is 1, one of the rows (usually the last) can be omitted. This reduction is used mostly when c=2.
Find a good value for the number of hidden nodes, H, by trial and error. Create numH*Ntrials nets in a double loop: An outer loop H = Hmin:dH:Hmax over number of hidden nodes and an inner loop i = 1: Ntrials over number of random trn/val/tst data divisions and random weight initialization trials for each value of H.
I typically use numH ~ 10, Ntrials ~ 10 and tabulate results in Ntrials X numH matrices.
Many examples can be obtained by searching the NEWSGROUP and ANSWERS using the keywords
Greg Ntrials Nw
Hope this helps.
Thank you for formally accepting my answer

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Nduwamungu Corneille
Nduwamungu Corneille on 3 Jun 2013
You may get more details on how many hidden layers and nodes in the following article:
Hope this helps.

abhishek aggarwal
abhishek aggarwal on 1 Apr 2014
Go to the given link. It may help you.

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