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How to restart a CommunicatingJob using only the MATLAB workspaces?

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My code runs several jobs on an HPC using createCommunicatingJob and then assigning a task in it. After submission, the main code exit. It works nicely, however sometimes I ask for the wrong amount of time or RAM and some jobs do not save any results. The question is: I see that MATLAB creates a folder and a workspace with the same name of the Job, is it possible to load those workspaces and requeue the job with a different SubmitArguments, without doing it manually? I'd do it from the HPC manager but it is not possible to requeue a TIMEOUT job in my Slurm configuration.

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 11 Feb 2021
There's no automated process for reading the Job files and recreating the job. It'd be much easier to recreate the steps you've already run. For that reason, I'd suggest keeping all of this in a script and simply rerunning the script.
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Alberto Brandl
Alberto Brandl on 12 Feb 2021
That's a pity, it should be considered in the future because it would be very convenient. In my case, for instance, each job has different input arguments and I have to discover manually which job actually failed, even knowing the job ID. Nothing too hard, however it might be faster to load and re-execute the job. Thanks!

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