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Matlab LOOK up Table

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NN on 1 Mar 2021
Answered: Biral Pradhan on 1 Apr 2022
I have 50 data points and i have imported these 50 data points from matlab to look up table,and has given 50 breakpoints.i am simulating for 24 hours ,
How do i relate the data and the time of simulation ?
Or how can plot and see these 50 data points with respect to time ?
Please advice
Jan on 2 Mar 2021
The question is not clear yet. Can you give an example of what you wnt to achieve? Are you working with Simulink or Matlab?
NN on 2 Mar 2021
i am working with simulink
I have 50 no of EV Soc data , each SoC has another 24 hour different values, So how can input this 24*50 data matrix to simulink block for further calculations such that the matrix reads 50 vehicles's SoC data together at a time, say 1st hour, it should output 50 vehicles data altogether .

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Answers (1)

Biral Pradhan
Biral Pradhan on 1 Apr 2022
I understand, you have a data matrix of size 24x50 and you want to import it into your Simulink model for further calculations. Kindly refer the following documentation.


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