Is it possible to reduce the alpha for markers in a simple plot?

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Hi all,
I am having a simple plot like
plot(X,Y, 'MarkerFaceColor','#0072BD')
Is it possible to reduce the transparency of MarkerFaceColor to 0.5?
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

ANKUR KUMAR on 12 Mar 2021
Edited: ANKUR KUMAR on 12 Mar 2021
Plot function doesn't have support to tune transparency. You can use scatter to do that
scat = scatter(x,y,'MarkerFaceColor','b','MarkerEdgeColor','r');
scat.MarkerFaceAlpha = .5;
scat.MarkerEdgeAlpha = .5;
You can manipulate the color values, if you wish to use plot function.
hand = plot(X,Y,'r');
hand.LineWidth = 2;
hand.Color(4)=0.2; % this would act as your alpha value or transparency factor.

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