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How to plot a tiled layout using a loop?

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Hi guys, I have bunch of excel files that almost everything in them is similar. All I want is creating a loop instead of coding 10 figures, that some data is loaded from row (I can get this part done), then using a tiled layout or subplot to click run and MATLAB loops and adds figures to the next tile but I cant get this going:
for r = 1:10
X=xlsread(B) - for instance
scatter(X(the plot works))

Accepted Answer

ANKUR KUMAR on 12 Mar 2021
Edited: ANKUR KUMAR on 12 Mar 2021
for r = 1:10
If you have two loops, you can use as follows:
for r = 1:2
for k=1:5
subplot(2,5,(r-1)*5+k) % 5 is used because the maximum iteration of k is 5
Wolfgang McCormack
Wolfgang McCormack on 12 Mar 2021
Thank you so much @ANKUR KUMAR. This is definitely working now. Just a quick question, could you please teach me why we should do it this way?
ANKUR KUMAR on 12 Mar 2021
We need to use cat command to concatenate multiple separate matrices into a single matrix. The first argument in the cat command is the dimension along which you wish to concatenate.

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More Answers (2)

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 12 Mar 2021
Edited: Adam Danz on 12 Mar 2021
> should a nexttile be in the loop?
Yes, but the tiled layout should be defined before the loop.
The first two examples listed in this answer show how to use tiledlayout in a loop with a global legend.
Here's another example.
fig = figure();
tlo = tiledlayout(2,3);
h = gobjects(1,6);
colors = lines(6);
for i = 1:6
ax = nexttile(tlo);
h(i) = plot(ax, 1:10, rand(1,10), 'Color', colors(i,:), 'DisplayName', sprintf('line %d',i));
lg = legend(h);
lg.Layout.Tile = 'East'; % <-- place legend east of tiles
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Wolfgang McCormack
Wolfgang McCormack on 13 Mar 2021
@Adam Danz thank you so much Adam, you are a savior for me on this forum! I don't know what I had to do without you! thx

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Wolfgang McCormack
Wolfgang McCormack on 12 Mar 2021
Hey Adam, @Adam Danz
I saw your answer on this post:
Could you please teach me how to corporate that in a for loop? should a nexttile be in the loop?
Thank you!
Danish Ali
Danish Ali on 8 Mar 2022
Hey Adam ! @Adam Danz
I have similar question;
How can we plot multiple figures with subplots using loop?
For example, using loops, MATLAB should generate 17 figures and allocate 10 subplots in each figure.
Figure should have 1 to 10 subplots then figure two should have 11 to 20 and so on.
There are 170 samples. Any idea how it can be done ?
I would appreciate your help.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 9 Mar 2022
Edited: Adam Danz on 9 Mar 2022
nFigures = 17; % number of figs
subplotGrid = [5,5]; % subplot grid arrangement
nAxes = prod(subplotGrid);
figHandles = gobjects(1,nFigures);
axesHandles = gobjects(nFigures, nAxes);
for i = 1:nFigures
figHandles(i) = figure();
for j = 1:nAxes
axesHandles(i,j) = subplot(subplotGrid(1),subplotGrid(2),j,figHandles(i));
Not tested

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