Changing Linewidth and Font size in thd(x)

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I want to make fontsize and linewidth of thd(x) bigger , so that it looks better in word . i dont know how to get control over the build in plot anotation the figer and the line properties.
thanks for ur help in advance

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Michael Soskind
Michael Soskind on 18 Mar 2021
Edited: Michael Soskind on 18 Mar 2021
Hi Adrian,
The fontsize is relatively straightforward:
ax = gca;
ax.FontSize = 24;
will change the fontsize of the title, legend, and both x and y axes. If you want more customizability, you can change each individually by using the title, legend, xlabel, and ylabel commands with the FontSize option.
The linewidth should be adjusted by changing the default linewidth with the set function:
set(0,'defaultLineLineWidth',lw); % set the default line width to lw
This will change the linewidth you see in your figure. There are most likely some other good ways to do this, but these are some of the faster ways that I like to use in my figures.
Hope that helps,
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Adrian Alexander
Adrian Alexander on 19 Mar 2021
hey ho nice it works fine. i come from octave and i am quite surprised that ax = gca gives u controll over x y title and legend :D

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