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probability - execution of an operation

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Hello, my task is to calculate the probability:
The temperature in a certain city is modeled as a random variable T ∼ N (10◦, (10◦) 2). What is the probability that the temperature at a random time will not exceed 15?
If I counted it "mathematically on a piece of paper", I would calculate it like this, but can I do it faster and more efficiently in matlab?
Thank you in advance for your help!!!
darova on 19 Mar 2021
I dont' understand the formula. Cam you explain?
Thomas Kozinski
Thomas Kozinski on 20 Mar 2021
I must based on a random variable: T ~ N (10, (10)^2).
Calculate the probability that a given "temperature - result" will not exceed 15 at some random moment.
And I don't really know how to go about it, use some function for probability? Maybe you have any idea?

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Accepted Answer

Paul on 20 Mar 2021
If T has a normal distribution, then
doc normcdf
can be used to find the probability P(T < t)
Thomas Kozinski
Thomas Kozinski on 20 Mar 2021
sorry for the mistake, it's actually normcdf
I think you understood the content correctly.
So to solve this I can run a command like this: normcdf (x, mu, sigma) x = P (T <15).
normcdf (15,10,100)
Paul on 20 Mar 2021
Yes, except that based on your qeustion and subsequent comment sigma = 10, so it should be:
>> normcdf(15,10,10)
ans =
as shown in your original question.

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