How can I find out UserAgent string for a specific browser?

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I want to change the UserAgent property for a weboption object. For example I want to have internet explorer instead of Matlab. However, if I use weboption I see that the UserAgent string is "MATLAB (R2020a) Update 5".
>> weboptions
ans =
weboptions with properties:
CharacterEncoding: 'auto'
UserAgent: 'MATLAB (R2020a) Update 5'
Timeout: 5
Username: ''
Password: ''
KeyName: ''
KeyValue: ''
ContentType: 'auto'
ContentReader: []
MediaType: 'auto'
RequestMethod: 'auto'
ArrayFormat: 'csv'
HeaderFields: []
CertificateFilename: 'default'
The string is not so simple and I don't know what string I have to use for other user agents. Where can I find them?
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Harry on 11 Nov 2021
Open the following link. This page shows you what your web browser is sending in the "User-Agent" header for your HTTP requests.

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