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2021a slow graphics on intel MacBook Pro

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Hello All,
Just installed 2021a on my new Intel Macbook Pro 2021. On bench, numerics are fast but the graphics is much slower than a 2020b on Macbook Pro late 2016. I checked the bench codes, they are the same on both versions. I would have extpected the graphics to be fast on the new Macbook Pro. I checked and both are using hardware opengl. Is this a Big Sur vs Catalina or 2021a vs 2020b? Here is what I get using bench:
MATLAB 2021a on Macbook Pro 2021 (core i7) Big Sur 11.2.3
0.6099 0.3807 0.2712 0.3621 1.7841 0.8817
MATLAB 2020b on Macbook Pro 2016 (core i7) Catalina 10.15.5
1.4171 1.1085 0.5211 0.5703 0.7665 0.5534

Accepted Answer

Robert on 22 Mar 2021
Fixed it! Was playing around some more, and found it was the transparency causing the issue
System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > select the Reduce Transparency.
Now I get:
0.5814 0.3569 0.2762 0.3134 0.4808 0.3395
0.6240 0.3630 0.2618 0.3052 0.4432 0.3678

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Vashist Hegde
Vashist Hegde on 22 Mar 2021
DISCLAIMER: These are my own views and in no way depict those of MathWorks.
This seems to be a known issue with Big Sur. You can try using it after rolling back to Catalina or any version. If the problem still persists, you can send a mail to
Hope this helps.
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Robert on 25 Mar 2021
Thanks for the tip, made me dig deeper, who new by reducing transperancy it would significantly speed up the graphics.
But, can you entirely blame Big Sur, or is it just that MATLAB environment does not support transperancy?

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