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Generation of geographical coordinates in Lambert Conic Conformal projection

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I am trying to generate [lat,lon] matrices for a Lambert Conic Conformal projection (EPSG code 5325). Does anybody know how to do it if I have an information about geographical coordinates of the bottom left and upper right corner and also number of pixels in my domain?
More specifically, I want to get [lat,lon] coordinates of each cell in the domain with bottom left corner [Lat = 40N, Lon = 5E] and upper right corner [Lat = 60N, Lon = 30E] and number of grid points in x and y axes are [nx = 1000, ny = 800];
I know there are functions meshgrat or geographicGrid but those do not consider the required projection and the final [lat,lon] matrices are regular.
Thank you for your helpful suggestions and advices,

Answers (1)

Muhammad Zeeshan Ahmed Khan
Simply USe the MAtlab command

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