How can I convert MATLAB image processing codes into C codes to load them in microcontroller? Actually it is a part of my Final year project so please help

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Actually I am doing a project of image processing using MATLAB whose output is to be displayed by using microcontroller . So in order to load HEX file on controller, I need to convert the MATLAB code to C .So please help....

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Friedrich on 18 Jun 2013
Edited: Friedrich on 18 Jun 2013
basically MATLAB Coder is designed for that task. However only a limited subset of functions and language feature are supported for code generation:
So it might be that you need to rewrite/redesign certain parts of your code. Maybe also implement some toolbox functions your self.
Sagar on 7 Jan 2015
Hi Ashar, I have a Matlab code written for image processing, it involves edge detection, hough transform and some enhancement techniques, I want to implement this code in hardware.Please help me in this regard. Thank you.

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