Document link is not opening

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Balbheem Nadpurohit
Balbheem Nadpurohit on 12 Apr 2021
Answered: Madhav Thakker on 14 Apr 2021
This example shows how to convert the PI controller in the watertank Simulink® model. to a reinforcement learning deep deterministic policy gradient (DDPG) agent. For an example that trains a DDPG agent in MATLAB®, see Train DDPG Agent to Balance Double Integrator Environment.
I am trying to open the above link from matlab 2020a. Link is not working. link url is docid:rl_ug#mw_0b71212e-521a-4a57-bde7-5dde0c1e0c90
what could be the issue?

Answers (1)

Madhav Thakker
Madhav Thakker on 14 Apr 2021
Hi Balbheem,
You can simply type the command
in MATLAB's command window to open this example.
Hope this helps.




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