How can I compute the CDF between - infinity to TH

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Please how can I compute the CDF of the shaded portion in matlab.
TH = 5.
The two PDF was generated from the code below.
pd = makedist('Normal')
x = -20:.1:20;
%pdf_x = pdf(pd,x);
pdf_x = normpdf(x,0,5);
hold on
pd2 = makedist('Normal',1,1)
y = -20:.1:20;
% pdf_y = pdf(pd2,y);
pdf_y = normpdf(y,10,5);
hold on
%xlim([-15 15])
xline(0,'k--', 'LineWidth',2)
xline(10,'k--', 'LineWidth',2)
xline(5,'k', 'LineWidth',2)
set(gca,'XTick',[], 'YTick', [])
hold off

Accepted Answer

Paul on 29 Apr 2021
Edited: Paul on 29 Apr 2021
Check out
doc normcdf
Paul on 1 May 2021
Please recheck your result. The third input to normcdf() is the standard deviation, not the variance, as is also the case with normpdf().

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