Creating a matrix with rows and collumns

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Hey guys. I have a matrix with 500 rows and 60 collumns of only numerical data. I have a script does calculates all possible summations between two rows (for example: row 1 + row 2, row 1 + row 3, row 1 + row 4 etc. When the script runs, Matlab calculates all summations, but instead of adding each calculation to a row, it overwrites the rows and in the end gives me only one row with data (as the rows are suppose to be 500x 500.
Thank anyone that can help me.
KSSV on 21 May 2021
You have to initilaize test first before the loop and then include indices in test while calculating the sum.

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Answers (1)

Kartikay Sapra
Kartikay Sapra on 21 May 2021
subplots = [1 2; 3 4; 5 6]
[rows cols] = size(subplots);
test = zeros([rows*(rows+1)/2 cols]);
k = 1;
for i = 1:rows
for j = 1:cols
test(k,:) = subplots(i,:) + subplots(j,:);
k = k+1
Try this code, for your code, rows = 500 and cols = 500. Store your calculations at a new index every time.


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