Arduino and Serial port in MATLAB

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chef13 on 1 Aug 2013
I have an Arduino DUE connected to my Virtual machine on which there is installed UBUNTU.
If I try to create a serial connection at the address where the Arduino DUE is everything is fine.
The problem is that when I close MATLAB and I want to open the Arduino IDE again, there is no serial port available.
I think it´s some kind of closing and deleting that I have to do, but I don´t know what is the right command.
Someone of you can help me?
thanks, Fab.

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 1 Aug 2013
You have to close the serial object once you are done with it:
s1 = serial('COM1'); % create serial object, it will be something different
fopen(s1=),% open your serial object
....% do whatever you want to do with it
fclose(s1);% close it when you are done with it
% get rid of the serial object
clear s1


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