How to save variables generated inside for loop into a structure

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Hi everyone,
Is there a way to change this code to save all variables generated inside for loop in a more quick way? I have 30 variables, and manually putting them in a structure like line 6 and 7 is a bit exhausting.
Struct = cell(5,1)
c = 5;
for k=1:5
Struct{k}.a = a;
Struct{k}.b = b;
Thanks in advance

Answers (1)

Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 24 May 2021
field1 = 'f1'; value1 = zeros(1,10);
field2 = 'f2'; value2 = {'a', 'b'};
field3 = 'f3'; value3 = {pi, pi.^2};
field4 = 'f4'; value4 = {'fourth'};
s = struct(field1,value1,field2,value2,field3,value3,field4,value4)


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