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Deleted files generated with matlab keep occupying space in the hard drive and I can't locate them

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Dear all,
I have a tricky question regarding deleting files using matlab.
Let me explain.
I created a program that generates several files that totalize 15GB. Once my simulation is finished I used the matlab window "Current Folder" to select the generated files and than I deleted them. I was expecting to recover the 15GB, however I just recovered 5GB.
I would like now to know where are the remaining 10GB and how can I recover it.
Is there any temporary directory where matlab keeps the deleted files?
Thanks in advance,

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 25 May 2021
Is your recycling preference set to delete or to move to the Recycle Bin / Trash / etc.? See the recycle function for more information.


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