Is there any option to change the font size of figures in the entire MATLABfile?

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Hi all,
I have a MATLAB file with so many figures. Is there any way to insert a line of code at the begging to change the font for all figures?
Currently, I am using a line of code using findall before exporting each figure. Also, is there any code to seperate title font from the rest of fonts in figures?

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Jan on 28 May 2021
Edited: Jan on 28 May 2021
set(groot, 'DefaultTextFontSize', 20)
A smart solution is to consider this from the beginning:
titleFontSize = 18;
title('My title', 'FontSize', titleFontSize);
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Wolfgang McCormack
Wolfgang McCormack on 28 May 2021
@Star Strider and @Jan. Thank you both, I picked Jan as I saw his answer before yours Star Strider but you are always a great help. Any similar option to groot for seperating the title and the rest of fonts? How should I set the figure lines to bigger lines? :D I know I should have thought about these from the beggining but well things happen.
One more problem, I don't know where on the MATLAB platform I can find the properties for a figure or Types. Any advice where to find them?

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