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how can i plot this equation?

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jameslk on 16 Jun 2021
Commented: jameslk on 16 Jun 2021
syms x y
f =@(x,y) y^3+0.2*exp(-1*x^2)*y^2-2.2039*y^2+0.8155 == 0;
x is between -4 and 4
y^3+0.2*exp(-1*x^2)*y^2-2.2039*y^2+0.8155 =0
how can I plot this equation please help me

Accepted Answer

VBBV on 16 Jun 2021
%if tr
syms x y
f = y^3+0.2*exp(-1*x^2)*y^2-2.2039*y^2+0.8155 == 0;
fimplicit(f,[-4 4])
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jameslk on 16 Jun 2021
thanks for your pleasure
but can i get y value which correspond to x and then plot (x,y)??

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