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how to setup optimization routine with external objective function code

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I am currently facing problems when programming an optimization routine by coupling MATLAB with external software.
I tried to do a lot of tweaks to my code, but without success.
I found out that the design optimization vector is not being writen to my external text file input.txt for new runs.
My optimization routine is defined this way:
options = optimset('LargeScale','off','Display','iter','Diagnostics','on','MaxFunEvals',300,'MaxIter',4,'DiffMaxChange',1e+1,'DiffMinChange',1.0e-001,'TolFun',1.0e-04);
[x, fval, exitflag, output, lambda] = fmincon(@obj,x0,[],[],[],[],LB,UB,[],options)
How can I setup my code for the objective .m file obj.m to read the current value of x (variable vector under optimization)
I thank you in advance.
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Rik on 29 Jun 2021
You obj function should accept the current x as input. Otherwise this code doesn't have much meaning.
Without the function signature it is difficult to suggest what you should do, as it looks like you already have what you need.

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