Executable or Matlab App from Simulink+GUI

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chef13 on 18 Sep 2013
Commented: Alessio Canepa on 5 Jan 2017
Hi to everyone,
I have my simulink model and I have my GUI which starts,simulates and displays the results of the simulation.
I would like to share this with someone who hasn´t MATLAB. I know that this was possible just creating an executable for my simulink model.
How is it possible to do that? Do you have some tutorials or stuff like that?
Thanks a lot, Fab.
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Alessio Canepa
Alessio Canepa on 5 Jan 2017
Hi Fabrizio, did you find a way to do that?

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Answers (2)

ES on 18 Sep 2013
You would still need mcr (matlab compiler) to share a GUI executable created out with MATLAB GUIde.

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 18 Sep 2013


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