Finding the time delay between subsystems with different sample rates.

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Hello all,
I have the following question:
I am considering two subsystems (a plant and a controller). These subsystems are considered as atomic units and operate at different sampling rates, 100kHz and 10kHz respectively.
How could I find the (processing) time delay of the signal sent from one subsystem (the one with higher sampling freq) to the other one (the one with lower sampling freqeuncy) ?
Thank you very much in advance.

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Kshitij Chhabra
Kshitij Chhabra on 4 Aug 2021
From my understanding of the question, you want to find the time elapsed between the signal sent by the 100kHz and received by 10kHz sub-system. You can try looking into the Find Delay block present in the Simulink Library. The block can also accept a matrix input and output the delay in each channel independently.

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