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Help calculating wind turbine power, with a timeseries and a varying capacity factor

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Euan Muir
Euan Muir on 24 Jul 2021
Answered: VBBV on 24 Jul 2021
Essentially - I want to calculate the following equation for a timeseries of wind data. A wind turbine power equation
V is a variable, D and A are values. C is a variable, but only has 55 values, which vary with V, in 0.5 increments of V (0 to 27.5). The actual V-timeseries, each value has more decimals and is generally not a multiple of 0.5.
So how would I apply this varying C value to the equation, although the V-values are not multiples of 0.5. Thanks

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VBBV on 24 Jul 2021
C = rand(1,55); % efficiency table
A = 121; % swept area
V = rand(1,200)*4; % 4 m/s wind speed say
D = 1.14; % air density
for i = 1: length(C)
for j = 1: length(V)
P(i,j) = 0.5*C(i)*A*V(j)^3
You can try this

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