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Setting block parameters programatically inside a simevents block's event actions

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I would like to modify the batch size an entity batch creator applies after each batch creation (more specifically: after each created batch, the next batch size shall vary randomly). To do this, I would like to modify the block's parameter "Number of entities in batch" inside the following field (batch generate - since it's called right after batch generation):
From the documentation I understand that the parameter can be accessed through "NumberOfEntitiesInBatch". However, if I simply write NumberOfEntitiesInBatch = XYZ nothing happens/changes. The batch sizes don't seem to be set randomly after each batch creation. I assume I have to access it by something along the lines of thismodel.thisblock.NumberOfEntitiesInBatch = XYZ or so.
Can anyone let me know how to appy code correctly here? Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Abdolkarim Mohammadi
Abdolkarim Mohammadi on 2 Sep 2021
I do not have an exact solution for your problem, but I'm sure SimEvents' block parameters cannot be changed when the model is running. However, MDES (MATLAB Discrete-Event System) is a powerful block than enables you to create customized discrete-event blocks. I think there is a high chance you can solve your problem there.

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