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Greedy Algorithms promoting Group Sparsity

version (4.53 KB) by Angshul Majumdar
Approximate Greedy Solutions to the problem min||x(k)||_2,0 such that Ax = b


Updated 24 Jan 2009

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BOMP - Block Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Proposed by Eldar & Bolcskei
GOMP - Group Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Differeing from BOMP in the way, sparse group is chosen
StGOMP - Stagewise Group Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Combining ideas from StOMP and BOMP. Selects multiple groups simultaneously.
ReGOMP - Regularized Group Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Combining ROMP and GOMP.

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what should I put in the argument "group" ? Is this supposed to be a vector ?


Thanks,Angshul Majumdar.

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Created with R2007a
Compatible with any release
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