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Natural frequencies & buckling loads of columns using Finite Element Method

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Natural frequencies and Euler buckling load are calculated using finite element method technique


Updated 22 Sep 2011

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These files calculate the natural frequencies and Euler buckling load using Finite element technique. Hermitian beam elements are used as interpolation functions. Assembled mass, geometric stiffness matrix and stiffness matrix are calculated and solved for eigenvalues.First four mode shapes are plotted. Four different boundary conditions are considered. Depending on the user requirement Young's Modulus, number of elements, mass per unit length and boundary can be changed. Values obtained using FEM are compared with theoretical values and error percentage also shown. The obtained values are in very good agreement with the theoretical values. Accuracy can be improved using more number of elements.

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Naik Muhammad

Pedro Pires


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Included m file to plot the mode shapes of the column.

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