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Plate Bending

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Bending of thin plate under uniform transverse pressure is solved using Finite Element Method


Updated 27 Dec 2011

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A thin plate under uniform transverse pressure is considered with simply supported and clamped boundary conditions. Using Finite Element Method plate equations are solved. Pre-processing is done using a standard FEM software. Plate is dicretized Isoparametric four noded Q4 elements. The values obtained are compared with standard FEM software. The results are in perfect match.

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munna kumar

Mohammad Amin

Howard Labido

An interesting file to apply to my project: machine building.
Check my homepage for further info pls:

Yoon Changki

Vivek Patel

Michele De Filippo

Your plate is not thin, but thick because you consider shear stiffness. Just remove the shear stiffness part and you will obtain thin plate behaviour. Besides that your code works very good.

Aina Syaqinah

Nisha Sathian

Sir, how can I find and animate the deflection of circular disc at single or specific location for edges clamped and simply supported.It will be great if you can give me some suggestions


Can anybody mention how to reduce number of mesh size ?

zainab malik

Sir from where did you got these coordinates.dat and nodes.dat file? and also how will we ammend this code when we have a concentrated force at some specific location of plate?


Van Chau Huynh

Mishal Thapa

Baij Singh

Mert Koç


I need finite difference method version.

What should I do ?

ehsan Zahoor

Hi what is the difference between FEM and FINITE DIFFERENCE method??

ehsan Zahoor

Hi sir

can i please have your email address



Shaw K



Dear Rasool
Send me a mail and discuss.....

Malik Rasool

dear sir
will u please help me in writing code for plates with spring attached at each node and connecting them




Check the file plate meshing for pre-processing the plate in this analysis:

Check my homepage for further documentation and help:

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