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Radial Harmonic Power Flow

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.m files for solving power flow and harmonic load flow for power systems.


Updated 14 Dec 2011

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.m file to solve harmonic load flow for power systems (Matlab 2009).
Line Matrix is line impedance matrix.
load_power Matrix is P+jQ matrix of the loads.
source matrix is the complex value of the harmonic sources and they considered as a harmonic current source for each harmonic frequency.
the code contains 3 example including IEEE 34 bus test system.
Please note that this algorithm first solves load flow for fundamental frequency and then solves harmonic load flow using the results of previous step, individually for each harmonic order.
**I'm not the main writer of this code and also I'm not professional programmer, I've just modified this code for my own purpose and just share it here for your help.
Masoud Farhoodnea, Azah Mohamed, Hussain Shareef. Harmonic Source Localization in Power Systems: Single and Multiple Harmonic Sources. 2011, LAMBERT Academic Publishing (LAP). ISBN: 978-3-8443-2639-0

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Comments and Ratings (5)

Sophea Damian

Thanks for the code. I would like to know how to insert a photovoltaic source a bus in the distribution network?

Thang Nguyen

Thank you very much for your code. COuld you please share the link of published paper of the code. Thank you

Vicente T.S. Jr

Ho Dang Dung

faheem uddin

thanks for uploading Sir G
Sir please send me the data you used in your program,
i don't understand the connections of the bus in the matlab code, i.e which buses are connected together
thank you

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