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1D infinite Gaussian mixture model

version (3.94 KB) by Mark Bangert
Implementation of Rasmussen's infinite Gaussian Mixture model for one dimensional data sets


Updated 07 Feb 2012

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This is a little script which was designed for educational purposes. It runs out of the box and generates a random data set of 1D Gaussian mixtures and visualizes the inference process.


* Carl Edward Rasmussen: The infinite Gaussian mixture model ->

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Mark Bangert (2021). 1D infinite Gaussian mixture model (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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I receive the recurring error:

Error using gammaln
Input must be nonnegative.
Error in mb_iGMM1D>@(x)exp((numOfClasses-3/2)*log(x)-.5/x+gammaln(x)-gammaln(x+numOfDataPoints)+gammaln(numOfDataPoints)) (line
alphaProbDensity = @(x)exp( (numOfClasses-3/2)*log(x) - .5/x + gammaln(x) - gammaln(x+numOfDataPoints) +
Error in mb_iGMM1D>mb_sliceSampling (line 276)
while customFunc(xLeft) > randStart
Error in mb_iGMM1D (line 138)
alpha = mb_sliceSampling(alphaProbDensity,alpha,1);


Just curious, why did you have to separate the code into two files as 1D and 2D?

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Created with R2010b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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