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Read numbers from a string.

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The function PARSE_NUMBERS applies SSCANF to read numbers from delimited string.


Updated 28 Mar 2012

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A = PARSE_NUMBERS(S) separates the string, S, into a cell array of substrings which are individually scanned to determine numeric values; results are returned in matrix A.

The behavior of PARSE_NUMBERS can be modified by additional options which are specified as propertyName/propertyValue string pairs; lists of values can be specified as cell arrays of strings.

'del' --delimeter strings
'key' --identifier strings
'dec' --alternative decimal strings
'fmt' --format string passed to sscanf

Please note: There are many ways to achieve similar results by applying one or more of the built-in Matlab string handling functions directly.

Good info here:
and here:

Also of interest, see the function 'expandstr' in submission FEX 12180.

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Added checks for empty and non-string inputs.

Edited help and comments, no code changes.

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