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version (1.5 KB) by Carlos Evangelista
Function to fit a dose-response data to a 4 parameter dose-response curve.


Updated 14 Jan 2004

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% Requirements: nlinfit function in the Statistics Toolbox
% and accompanying m.files: init_coeffs.m and sigmoid.m
% Inputs: 1. a 1 dimensional array of drug concentrations
% 2. the corresponding m x n array of responses
% Algorithm: generate a set of initial coefficients including the Hill
% coefficient
% fit the data to the 4 parameter dose-response curve using
% nonlinear least squares
% Output: a matrix of the 4 parameters
% results[m,1]=min
% results[m,2]=max
% results[m,3]=ec50
% results[m,4]=Hill coefficient
% Copyright 2004 Carlos Evangelista
% send comments to
% Version 1.0 01/07/2004

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Mohanad Al-Bayati

I download and not opened


Madhu Natarajan

Simple, easy, useful.

a user

Without examples it is too much work to figure out how to use these functions. Please provide some examples.

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Created with R13
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: doseResponse

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