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Open_ECG: ECG .dat file reader

version (1.09 MB) by Said BOUREZG
Open any file .dat and plot ECG signal


Updated 25 Feb 2015

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All of student in their search they want to extract a ECG signal data from a file.dat, so this can help all of them to open it and process their signals.
For ECG signals database;

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Said BOUREZG (2020). Open_ECG: ECG .dat file reader (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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dear sir i have .dat file of 32MB size and i dont know the time of the recording signal . But in your program asking for time . I want te extract complete signal into .mat format

Luo Yuxuan

Eman Ismail

ye song

anas qazaz

i receive the following error when i use this code
Error using fread
Invalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file

how i can read the MIT ecg data base successfuly?

thank in advance

The code is working very well for the given .dat file.I have some .dat files generated from qrs card of Pulse Biomedical Inc. I want to read those files in matlab but this code is giving errors for that files.


thank you Muhusina Ismail.

It is a good working code.Very useful for me to read ecg dat files

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