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Fixes some methods of the table() class and extends it with additional features


Updated 15 Feb 2017

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This set of Matlab functions fixes some methods of the table() class and extends it with additional features.

Unzip the archive;
With Matlab, cd into the unzipped folder
run install_tableutils

WARNING: requires write permissions to `matlabroot/toolbox/matlab/datatypes/@table`. It overwrites some table methods, listed below, with fixed/enhanced versions. The old table() methods are backed up in its private subfolder and their name is suffixed with Old, e.g. disp.m becomes dispOld.m.

List of features

* disp() - implements a buffered version of the native display method. Now, your pc will not freeze until the dawn of time if you forget a ; in the command window after t = table(1e7,1), which is only a 76 MB variable;
* unstack() - significantly speeds up the native method with a minimalistic change between lines 240 and 250 (original code left commented out);
* varfun() - adds a Name/Value pair to the original method, i.e. 'RenameVariables' - false/true(default). Does not force you to change the variable names as the native version;
* renameVarNames() - new method that renames variable names;
* convertColumn() - new method that changes the class of each column (variable);
* classVarName - new method that returns the class name of each column (variable).

Other methods

The following functions do not get copied over to the native @table folder and serve as general purpose utilities for the new table methods.

* isrowchar() - Determines whether input is a string (1 by N char);
* in() - Test for inclusion, i.e. [],[),(] or (), within some bounds;
* xstr2num() - Converts the digit-part from an 'xNumber' to a numeric type. Especially useful to quickly recover the original values after unstacking a table, i.e. x32443 becomes 32443.

For detailed descriptions, syntax and examples, see the help within each .m file.

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Oleg Komarov (2021). okomarov/tableutils (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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