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Collection of tools for (even) easier figure creation in Matlab

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Updated 21 Jul 2017

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Capsaicin (CPS) Plot Tools facilitate many common tasks in the creation of scientific figures. Examples are lettering multi-panel figures, scaling panel axis limits to a global minimum and maximum, and adding reference lines.
The toolbox has a consistent syntax and nomenclature throughout and is designed to be as no-nonsense as possible, i.e., to not override or clash with any default Matlab styles and functions.
The following is an alphabetical list of the most important functions with a short description. A similar overview
can be brought up in the Matlab Command Window with "help cpsPlotTools", which provides clickable links to each function's extensive help-text.

cpsArrange - Rearrange the occlusion in the current Axes
cpsFindFig - Create or find a figure-window by name
cpsLabelPanels - Add lettering to multipart figures
cpsLimits - Selectively set axis limits
cpsRefLine - Draw reference lines
cpsText - Add text in standard locations
cpsTileFigs - Tile all open figure windows on the screen
cpsUnifyAxes - Unify axes limits within or between (sub)plots

For convenience, all files start with 'cps'. This aids recognition and has the added benefit that typing cps followed by the Tab-key will bring up a list of all available cpsPlotTools functions on your path. Provided, of course, that Tab-completion is enabled in Matlab's preferences.

As an example, consider the following code that produced this repository's icon:

for i = 1:4
subplot(2, 2, i);
D = mvnrnd([0; 0], [i 1; 1 i], 50*i);
plot(D(:,1), D(:,2), 'o');
cpsText(['N = ' num2str(50*i)], 'Location', 'BottomRight');
cpsUnifyAxes('within', 'between');
cpsRefLine(gcf, '+', '/', 'k--');

After install, please run "showdemo cpsDemo" to see more illustrated examples.

This code is open-source and maintained on

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