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version 3.6 (14.1 KB) by George Tsintsadze
Cleanly and conveniently plots measurements to multiple figures and organizes them on screen.


Updated 25 Jan 2019

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This function was developed to ease the life of bachelor's degree physics laboratories students.
Its purpose is to shorten the time spent on tasks like:
- Handling graph appearance.
- Scattering bunch of figure windows opened at the same place on the screen.
- Saving the graphs to the current file type (and not realizing you saved to .fig again when it's too late...).
- Making and plotting fit.
- Adding error bars (that need to be provided as a vector even if the error is the same for all points. NOT HERE!)
- Calculating Chi-Squared test probability value.
All this and more is accomplished in goshaplot using Name-Value pairs.
In addition, the saving of the graph is done via a minimalistic user interface menu embedded in each figure window.
Once you download goshaplot for the first time and place it in the main Matlab folder, you can update it using simple Command Window command. See the documentation for more info.
What's new in this version:
- Plotting directly from .txt files.
- 'startup.m' file that automatically checks for a new version of goshaplot and asks for update confirmation if such version exists.
- Shortened runtime by not changing the position of figures that already in position.
- Logarithmic scale.

Some features that are currently in development and will appear on future releases:
- Plotting few data lines on same graph.

About the automatic version check:
Matlab automatically runs a file called 'startup.m' in its search path upon startup.
Download this file and place 'startup.m' in your home Matlab folder and it will check for goshaplot version updates each time you start Matlab.
If you already use 'startup.m' file for your own purposes, copy all the function in this file and add them to your file.
Make sure to call 'goshaplotSoftwareUpdate()' function so it is executed with no doubt.

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George Tsintsadze (2021). goshaplot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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