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Physics Course with Symbolic Math Toolbox and Live Editor

version 1.0.0 (12.8 MB) by Kurt Braeuer
Basic Physics Course with MATLAB's Symbolic Math Toolbox and Live Editor


Updated 13 Sep 2018

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A script is developed with a clear presentation of the fundamentals of theoretical physics (physics courses 1-3). This includes extensive exercises with hints for solving physical problems with MATLAB (Live Editor and Symbolic Math Toolbox) and corresponding solutions.
Physical subjects are: space and time, relativity theory, dynamics in general, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics and chaos theory.
Exercises: Path Integral, Surface Integral, Lorentz Transformation and Twinning Paradox, Kepler Problem, Roller Pendulum, Quantum Interferometer, Quantum Mechanic Binding and Scattering States, Helmhoz Coil, Hertzian Dipole, Billiards, Duffing Oscillator, ...

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If well it is true that is not really basic as they showed. It comprises undergraduate physics courses like mechanics and dynamics and really complex postgraduate courses as well so you can go deep enough according to your own knowledge.

This is not basic physics; at a minimum its doctoral physics after 5 years!


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