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Model Execution Time

version 1.4 (2.85 KB) by Monika Jaskolka
Simulates a Simulink model a number of times and records/plots the execution time.


Updated 08 Jul 2020

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Simulates a Simulink model a number of times and records the execution time data. The results are then plotted, along with the min, max, and mean times. The user can specify how many simulations to perform.

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Monika Jaskolka (2021). Model Execution Time (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jake Thornton

@Monika Jaskolka: It works great! Thank you for responding so promptly!

Monika Jaskolka

@Jake Thornton: The newest version of the script will automatically plot the results. You can also try running executionTime(gcs, 'Plot', true); The optional input parameters are described in the script's header comments.

Jake Thornton

Hi there, I was wondering how to plot the results after having run the Simulink sim for x amount of simulations. Is this something I type in the command window, or is it something I put in simulink?

Thanks in advance! I am new to Matlab.


Jerki Jokne

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Compatible with any release
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