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Empirical Orthogonal Function Toolbox

version 1.2 (5.64 KB) by Zelun Wu
EOF Toolbox for marine and atmospheric science


Updated 07 Jun 2020

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Empirical Orthogonal Function Toolbox
Version 1.0
EOF decomposition for marine/atmospheric science.
See also: PCA, FA, SVD

1. eof: Emperical Orthogonal Functions (Principle Component Analysis)
2. meof: Multi-variable Emperical Orthogonal Functions (MEOF), or Combined EOF (CEOF)

More EOF functions (like Trend-EOF) will be added in the future if I feel boring, or my obsessive-compulsive disorder comes back again.

[eof_maps, pcs, expvar, eig_values] = eof(data, varargin)
[eof_maps1, eof_maps2, pcs, expvar, eig_values] = meof(data1, data2, varargin)

Zelun Wu,
College of Ocean and Earth Sicence, Xiamen University
College of Earth, Ocean and Environment, University of Delaware


Thanks to Dr. Meunchow from University of Delaware and his "Time Series and Data Analysis" course.

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Zelun Wu (2021). Empirical Orthogonal Function Toolbox (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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