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Forward osmosis membrane's ABS estimation

version 1.0.1 (3.63 KB) by Muhammad Tauha Ali
Calculates ABS membrane parameters using concentration and flux data


Updated 14 Sep 2020

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The code is a compilation of forward osmosis (FO) flux models that can be used to calculate water permeability (A), salt permeability (B) and structural parameter (S) of the FO membrane. The experimental data (Cd, Cf, Jw, Js, feed and draw flow rates and temperature and hydraulic diameter) can be passed by modifying the initial lines of the code. The experimental data should be obtained following the protocol given in (Tiraferri 2013).

The code contains physicochemical properties (Osmotic pressure, density, dynamic viscosity, diffusivity) relations for NaCl and MgCl2 obtained from OLI at 25C and 1atm (Martin 2020). The code calculates A,B,S parameters and goodness of fit metrics (R2, RMSE and RMSPE).

The code covers three models presented in the research literature:
Tiraferri, A., N. Y. Yip, A. P. Straub, S. Romero-Vargas Castrillon and M. Elimelech (2013). "A method for the simultaneous determination of transport and structural parameters of forward osmosis membranes." Journal of Membrane Science 444: 523-538 DOI:
Bui, N.-N., J. T. Arena and J. R. McCutcheon (2015). "Proper accounting of mass transfer resistances in forward osmosis: Improving the accuracy of model predictions of structural parameter." Journal of Membrane Science 492: 289-302 DOI:
Martin, J. T., G. Kolliopoulos and V. G. Papangelakis (2020). "An improved model for membrane characterization in forward osmosis." Journal of Membrane Science 598: 117668 DOI:

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