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Creation of self-extract packages.


Updated 28 Sep 2005

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Creates a single MATLAB self-extract p (and m) file with all the contents of a selected folder.
When executed, the output file will recreate the package inside a folder with the same name of the main package folder. For instance if the selected folder is "/home/user/package", the creted folder during extraction will be "package".

The screenshot shows the creation of the p file of the saved MathWorks site at the folder /tmp/matlab_site

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M MA (2020). selfpack (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Durga Shrestha

I have modified the 'selfpack' which can do the followings:

1. Filter to include or exclude files. E.g. {'~.m' '~.asv'} excludes all the m-files and asv files in the pack. Similiarly {'*.p'} includes only p-files.

2. User defined installation folder (in the orginal version, the files are installed into the current directory).

3. The folders are automatically added to the MATLAB path.

I am planning to submit it to the file exchange, but i am not sure if i am allowed.

Durga Shrestha

Nice utility, but there is error message:
?? Error using ==> fileparts at 17
Input must be a row vector of characters.

Error in ==> selfpack>basename at 483

Error in ==> selfpack at 55
lastDir = basename(theDir);

I went to the code and commenting the following lines works.
%deal with filesep:
theDir = strrep(theDir,'/',filesep);
theDir = strrep(theDir,'\',filesep);
theDir = strrep(theDir,':',filesep);
theDir = realpath(theDir);

It will be nice to have filter of certain files. For example i have p-files and m-files and want to deploy only p-files but not m-files.
Another nice work would be to add path automatically after installing to the user defined folder.
Othewise it is very nice work.

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Created with R12
Compatible with any release
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Inspired: aselfpack